Saturday, August 6, 2011

A lifetime is not enough

A friend shared some phenomenal documentaries with me about two weeks ago. One of the most enriching gifts I have received. Ever since, I have been addicted to watching them. There's this greed. To know more, see more, absorb more, about everything thats under, on and above this Earth. And what I've seen so far cannot be put into words. You have to watch it for yourself. The Crimson Wing and Home are just two examples of what lies out there. Unimaginable landscapes and behaviour patters of animals. Overwhelming.

Having watched a dozen of these documentaries has made me realise that none of us will never get to see even half of this gorgeous planet before we die. Yes, never. I am certain. The parts that are worth seeing that is.

So, so, tragic.

Travel as many times as you can. Explore as much as you can. And when you can't, try and get your hands on some such documentaries and books. Trust me, what you see on television on National Geographic and Animal Planet is just not enough. And once you've seen and read more, don't curse me if that wanderlust increases double fold. :)


  1. Im sure you will manage half! Wanto watch them both!

  2. You cant get dishearten by the fact! You will see, learn and know more then what you have planned. More documentaries will be delivered at your door step soon ..!

  3. @Anon: Thank you for the vote of confidence! I will certainly attempt to. :) And yes, you must watch them both...and more!

    @Avani: Not disheartened at all. :) Just stating facts and constantly working towards seeing, reading and learning more!