Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Kem Che Dikra?"

These long breaks are becoming a habit now. Sorry, but a lot has happened since May (the last post) and it has everything to do with Broken Compass. Shall write about the rather exciting and eventful journey of Broken Compass in another post.

This one is about my latest article which has been published on The India Tube website. An article about a community I love dearly. 

The Parsis. 

My love affair with the Parsi community began 14 years ago when I first met my bubbly, curly haired, mad baawi (a common term used for Parsi women) roommate at AWWA hostel, Mumbai. I would have never guessed then, that over the years, she would become one of my closest friends, and through her life, family and friends, I would become so close to her community and its culture. Post our hostel days, we ended up staying at her parents’ home in Tata Co-op Housing Colony, Elphinstone (just one of the many Parsi colonies in Mumbai). Over the 3 years that I lived there, I saw a very different side of the city. One that is a very integral part of it, yet, poles apart from the fast paced indifference that Mumbai stands for.
Here is my article on The Baugs of Mumbai.