Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some of India's best Eco Resorts

Another long break. Damn.

No, it wasn't laziness. It's been a busy phase, the last couple of months. In fact, a lot happened between the last post and this one - a couple of small trips, a few articles, a very exciting new venture being put into action and a whole lot of more writing and planning.

Any how, so before I begin the prelude to this article, I want to make it very clear that the 'Top 10' is just a way of saying 'some of the best'. By no means is this a claim or something approved and signed by any committee so any resort owner, hotelier who feels offended and decides to sue me after reading this, think again. This is *my* humble list, approved by my editor. Does not mean other resorts are not worth a visit or are any less Eco-friendly. So now that that very sensitive issue has been tackled, lets move on. :)

This article was published early this year in Asian Geographic. It covers some of the best eco resorts in the country. Have had a word with most of the owners and almost all of them try and do as much as they can for the environment with respect to their properties. If any of you have been to any of these, do write in your comments. 
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed discovered these places. And then, go visit!