Friday, March 19, 2010

Words v/s Photographs

It’s been a while since my last post. Apologies for the gap. Been juggling between writing about my previous reviews and fixing some for the next month.

This post isn't  going to be about a place. I have a question for you instead. One that was asked to me by a friend’s friend over dinner the other night, “You think it’s a picture that gets someone to read a travel piece or the quality of writing?

My instant response was, “Both.” His question led to a big discussion amongst us over wine and steak. For an hour. Conclusion: there was no conclusion. Some said it was just the photographs; some said, the writing and some said, their state of mind.

I on the other hand realized, I didn’t have an answer to his question. Because I am on the other side, clicking and writing about a place. Plus, my passion for knowing about every bit of the world is so strong, I would just soak in everything related to it that comes my way. Be it words or photographs. So I really wouldn’t know what a regular reader would like.

It’s you who reads what we write. Is a good photograph required for you to want to read, even if the writing is mediocre? Is it the headline that lures you? Do long paragraphs just put you off? Or would you rather read and read and read some more, and oh well, if there are photographs to compliment what you read, good enough.

The writer and photographer in me is curious.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mumbai Rediscovered

I’ve spent almost sixteen years of my life in Mumbai and the city still doesn’t cease to amaze me. I love it. Just like any other Mumbaikar would. From the vada pav’s at every nook and corner to the throbbing night life, it’s alive at any given point of the day. Having lived in different parts of the city, I thought I knew every inch. Only a couple of months ago did I realise how wrong I was. Thanks to my interest in photography.

J and I take off every two weeks to explore some aspect of the city through our lens. We usually end up getting some fabulous street and slum shots (considering good old Mumbai has so many of those). The other day, bored of the increasing number of these and the lack of knowledge on any interesting and different  place, we resorted to the reliable Google. The first few options that popped up were the usual – Gateway of India, Chowpatty beach, VT Station and so on. Somewhere in between, there was the Zoo. Neither of us had been to a Zoo since we were kids so off we went.