Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A mountain, a cave and a city

My research for our trip to Turkey roughly began a month before we were to leave. Between the trusted Lonely Planet and the 'destinations' folder on my laptop, things were pretty much under control. Now all we had to do was the boring bit, pack. Actually this time, the packing was tougher as we were headed to four distinctly different areas of Turkey: the underestimated capital Ankara (North), the rather cold ski region of Mount Ilgaz (North), the warm to pleasant cave land of Cappadocia (Central) and then of course the bustling and modern city of Istanbul (West), where the weather changes as and when it pleases. So after packing, weighing, being over weight and re-packing, we were finally set to go. 

Twelve days of extremely interesting experiences and discoveries and we were in love with the country. Our friends think we've covered a LOT by doing the places we did. We, on the other hand, are itching to go back and see all that we haven't.






  1. very nice. n very interesting pix indeed!

  2. Thank you. All the pictures aren't clicked by me though.