Friday, January 22, 2010

In the beginning...

In school I wanted to grow up and become a teacher, more specifically, my English teacher. In college, I wanted to ‘make a difference’ by becoming a journalist. I ended up spending the first five years of my professional life as a Copywriter in a couple of advertising agencies. To say I disliked (hate would be too strong a word) it for four out of those five years would be absolutely correct. I still wonder why it took me that long to realise my calling lay in my true passion – travelling, writing about it and helping others travel. 

I’ve travelled for as long as I remember. First out of compulsion, then to explore and now, because I can’t live without it. It’s like breathing to me. A couple of weeks without visiting a new place and the pangs begin. And a husband who is as greedy about it as I am really helps. 

Why compulsion you ask? Well, my dad was in the Army and moving every 2-3 years to a new place was a given. So I ended up studying in 8 different schools in different parts of the country. But it had its pros and cons. Not only did our postal address change almost every second year, but also my best friend. On the bright side, I got to travel all over the country. And while I hated it at first, I was fortunate enough to experience it.

Today, I travel not because I have to, but because I love to. It’s my passion. I travel…I write about it…I travel some more…I write some more…and life goes on. :) You have to be like a sponge, soaking in all you see, hear and experience. It’s enriching meeting different people, seeing new places and learning about various cultures. So after much persuasion from loved ones and even more procrastination from me, here I am, sharing it all with you. 

This page is a seat next to me in all my travels. See what I saw. Experience what I felt. Discover what I discovered. And where your imagination fails you, there are pictures to help you through. 

The world is a beautiful place and unfortunately one lifetime isn’t enough to see it all. But no harm in trying to cover as much as possible, right? :)


  1. i know what you lifetime is just not enough to see all that we want to see

  2. @Lakshmi: I know. *sigh* If only... :)